The working group plans to translate the revised version and publish it on the ASSTSAS website in 2018

You will find in this paragraph the pack of cards made by the pharmaceutical team of Angouleme Hospital Centre proposed for the training of operators in Centralised Chemotherapy Preparation Units.

"Advice sheets” on the preparation of oral chemotherapies have been prepared in the form of information sheets on the relevant drugs for the benefit of patients and health care professionals.

You will find the recommendations made by the National Health Service.

This teamwork summarises the recommendations taken from the various legislative and international regulations (ISO standards, BPP, BBPH, BPF, PIC’S Guidelines, GMP, USP 797) in the form of a methodological guide and lists tests that are essential for the qualification of Controlled Atmosphere Areas.

A vial containing a cytotoxic drug has broken in a centralised preparation unit for cytotoxics on a hospital pharmacy.

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*Masha S. H. Lam. Extemporaneous Compounding of Oral Liquid Dosage Formulations and Alternative Drug Delivery Methods for Anticancer Drugs. Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(2):164-192.