Welcome to your digital space GERPAC


The purpose of the GERPAC association is to promote the techniques and skills needed for the development of biological and physico-chemical protection in the hospital pharmaceutical environment where toxic drugs are prepared. In addition, Gerpac also covers procedures for the preparation of sterile and non-sterile medications through various pharmaceutical forms (injectable forms, oral forms - both dry and liquid - and forms for local administration). 

In this perspective, GERPAC intervenes in the training of pharmaceutical staff and intends to provide a training and information Platform covering 5 major themes:

- A DPC Congress Workshop to help you find your way in validating the competences gained through remote learning sessions and when you take part in DPC registered workshops at our annual Congress.

- A training oriented Quiz space so you can extend your knowledge and also check out your progress in acquiring skills thanks to monitoring of your evaluations. These quizzes play a part in the initial and further training of operators working in pharmaceutics.

- A space Simulation with the presentation of digital tools dedicated to the training of the operators in environment immersif virtual and intuitive: SimUPAC 360° (ADIPh) et LabQuest (WhiteQuest) 

- A Documents space providing a real on-line resource and documentation centre hosting Gerpac publications alongside works produced by colleagues working in hospitals, including the Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy journal (PTHP).

Optimal use of the resources offered on this platform requires prior registration so as to provide the necessary identification and so follow your path through the Quiz space.

All GERPAC’s learning material is open access.

To help GERPAC develop its activity, you are invited to join the association.