The training of staff posted to units for the preparation of cytotoxics covers both practical aspects (handling) and theoretical aspects (molecules, indications, side effects, etc.).  You will find below a set of quizzes on the knowledge required of an operator working in a Centralised Chemotherapy Preparation Unit (UCPC). The content of each quiz is geared to the qualification of the operators. Quizzes for dispensers and technicians are identified with the symbol  .

Those intended for pharmacists are marked with a  .   

If successful participation in the quiz (minimum 80% of valid response), a dedicated badge will be awarded and will demonstrate the validation of your knowledge.

Different badges acquired will be available in your profile and attest to your successful participation in this distance learning.




Working groupe

Dr Pascal Rohrbach - Hospital centre Verdun - France

Dr Yvan Huon - University hospital Liège - Belgium

Dr Valérie Chédru-Legros - University hospital Caen -France

Dr Jean Marie Canonge - University hospital Toulouse - France

Pr Frédéric Lagarce - University hospital Angers - France


Dr Marie-Laure Brandely-Piat - Hospital centre Paris, Hôtel-Dieu - Paris - France

Dr Sylvie Crauste-Manciet - University hospital Bordeaux - France

Dr Laurence Escalup - Institue Curie - Paris - France

Dr Cyrille Nowak - Hospital centre Angouleme - France

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