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    • A survey investigating dose standardization of anticancer drugs

      Currently pharmacy resident at the CHRU of Brest, I would like to solicit you within the framework of the realization of my thesis. We are studying, among other things, the technical and organizational feasibility of setting up a production of injectable chemotherapies in standard doses. We would be very grateful if you would take part in this survey. This will allow us, in parallel with the realization of an inventory of the situation, to collect your different feedback on the parametric and microbiological controls that you might be carrying out on this type of preparations in your centers.

      Participation in this survey remains anonymous and will run until the beginning of August.

      Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

      Camille LAMBERT                                Nathalie MUGNIER and Caroline LOEUILLET

      Pharmacy resident – CHRU BREST           Hospital Pharmacist – CHRU BREST

      camillelambert.ballion@gmail.com             Benjamin REY-RUBIO

                                                                 Assistant Pharmacist – CHRU BREST