Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy (PTHP) is an international journal dedicated to all aspects of pharmaceutical technology in hospitals. This includes pharmaceutical compounding procedure with sterile or non-sterile drug products (chemotherapies, CIVAS, capsules, gels, topical formulations, colloidal carriers, emulsions, eye drops and else), radiopharmaceuticals, sterilization techniques, analytical and biological procedures (stability studies, quality control), monitoring and validation of materials, techniques and environment. It also includes the determination of medical-device performances using technical experiments or modelization. Furthermore the journal´s scope also comprises compounding and technical set-up of clinical trials in hospital pharmacies. The journal will particularly welcome new pharmaceutical formulations that can benefit hospitalized patients such as infants or aged persons



Editor-in-Chief: Lagarce, Frédéric - University Hospital Angers, France.

Co-Editor: Crauste-Manciet, Sylvie - University Hospital Center Bordeaux, France


Editorial Bord:

Pascal Bonnabry, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland

Philippe Bourget, University Hospital Necker, Paris, France

Jean-François Bussières, Hospital Sainte Justine, University Montréal, Canada

Thomas Connor, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Atlanta, USA

Jean-Daniel Hecq, University Hospital Dinant Godinne, Namur, Belgium

Irene Krämer, Pharmacy Department at the Medical Center of Johannes, Gutenberg-University Hospital, Mainz, Germany

Franck Lacoeuille, University Hospital Angers, France

Pascal Odou, Lille Regional University Hospital Centre, France

Farshid Sadeghipour, University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland

Valerie Sautou, University Hospital Center Clermont-Ferrand, France

Rudy Schierl, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Catherine Tuleu, University College London, United Kingdom